Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Our family has been truly blessed and all thanks be to our God. What a special day and blessed day, Easter. Tyson and I generally share Easter with his family and Mother's Day with mine, so we were in Clanton today! We had a wonderful church service at First Baptist and really enjoyed seeing so many friends. After church we headed to Aunt Faye's... She's always got a 'mess a good food' to eat. Luke even got into the Easter spirit. He has a spring collar and tie for church time and bunny ears for play time :) Luke loves dressing up but NOT getting his picture made...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Catching Up!

I APOLOGIZE dearly to my friends, family, and bloggers! I have been a BAD Blogger!! BUT, I think I have caught up! Although a few post are out of order, like My Birthday and the Wii, those were suppose to be after Christmas, before Luke's Bday!! Oh well! I vow to keep up better! It's hard with work, my CES school blog, facebook, email, Grad School, too much communication to keep up with and communicate!!! :0

BUT, I do have a new friend to introduce, the newst memeber of our family: J.B.

So excited and can't wait to visit him in April! My Aunt Joy and husband John welcomed a baby boy to our family!

Spring Break!

Spring Break!! Such sweet words to students and teachers!! Woo Whoo Tyson took a few days off and we headed down to the beach with friends. We had a great time! We ate so much seafood and it was all YUMMY! The first day we hit the beach and realized it was way to cold and windy! So, we went to the Zoo! We had a lot of fun seeing all the animals, baby tigers, and feed many of the animals. We visited a couple of great places to eat, Pink Pony and Takki Jacks. The next day the boys went golfing and we played in the sand with Issac, got buddy some new shoes and played. AND again ate sea food! The next day we went shopping!! Oh the places we went, things we tried on, and stuff we bought!! Oh so much fun! Tyson was such a great shopping assistant! (See picture above of Jessica and I with all our BAGS!) and ended the day with seafood at Lulu's!! The final day we hit the TRACK! We rode go carts, played put-put golf, and feed the fish! We took one last trip down to the beach and ate again!! Basically we ate, sleep late, stayed up to late, ate more, and relaxed. We really had a wonderful time!! When we got back Tyson headed back to work and I went to get Luke, celebrated St. Patrick's Day and Jason's Birthday with friends, washed and did a ton of laundry and cleaning. Worked in the yard, shopped with Bebe, and got back into our routine Sunday (church, lunch, grocery store, school work).... Back to work and reality!
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Alabama Basketball!

Tyson and I went down to Tuscaloosa a few weekends ago and made the day of it! We went to eat lunch at one of my favorites and ended up with a free sandwich, then we went over to the game. Tyson really enjoyed looking at all the changes made, since he hadn't been to a game since he was in college. We got a coke in the NEW National Championship cups!! Tyson got M & Ms, cotton candy, a coke, he really lived it up!! During half time the football team came out to accept the Iron Bowl throphy and to hear the AU SGA Pres sing the Alabama fight song!! YEAH!! So much fun and Bama beat Auburn to make it a perfect day. After the game we went to visit a friend and then off to Mug Shots, one of Tyson's favorites.... At Mug Shots Tyson got a free drink, a burger with two patties, and a T-shirt for $3 because they were out of koozies!! It was his SPECIAL DAY :) It was really nice to spend some time together and relax. Roll Tide!
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Tyson and Bebe & Pop got me a Wii and Wii Fit for my Birthday!! YEAH!! Tyson and I have really enjoyed playing, excersing, and weighing on the Wii. Tyson's even changed his habits and lost about 20 lbs. YEAH!! Luke is even part of the Wii!
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School Days

We've been having a lot of fun in 2nd Grade at Calera!! We celebrated Mrs. Register's 50th Birthday with a huge corsage, decorations, black ballons, and a basket full of 50 items! We all wore black and got a great group shot! Then 2nd Grade had a Western PE Dance Party. The kids all dressed up and did a great job performing all their dances. Even the teachers got in the western spirit. Lastly we celbrated Dr. Seuss' Birthday by dressing up like different book characters. A few teachers dressed as characters from the books "Miss Nelson..." I was the substitute Miss Viola Swamp, Turley was Miss Nelson, Register was the detective, and Fleming, Glass and Anderson were students from the book. It was cute! The kids at school really enjoyed seeing us all dressed up.
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Go Blazers!

We have such wonderful friends, Beth and Scott Scharding!! Scott teaches with me at Calera, Beth teaches at Oak Mt, and they live right down the road in Helena... They are both UAB Alumni and attend most the UAB Blazer Bball games. They traded tickets the other night for four court side seats!! We were RIGHT behind the UAB bench!! We could have reached out and touched the players, SO COOL!! They even took us to the Gold Room or Green and Gold Room where we ate and mingled with everyone!! Such high rollers :) We are big fans now, I even bought a gold and green scarf to wear! BIG thanks to the Schardings, we had a GREAT time!!
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My Birthday!!

I LOVE my Birthday!! I always wear a fun top or outfit and try to spend it with my friends/family!! I celebrated early that weekend with the fam back home, and Monday night, my actual Birthday we went out to eat with my bestest friends!! Porter and Tara and the Turleys! Tyson brought home beautiful tulips and we had a really great time!! Not loving my age... but Birthdays are the MOST FUN!! My kids at school made me cards and some even brought me gifts!! Woo Whoo!!
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Luke's 1st Birthday!

Luke's First Birthday Party was a wonderful celebration with family and friends and SO CUTE!! Everything was blue and green colors with bones and paw prints everywhere! We had a bone shaped cheese ball, PBJ bone and puppy sandwiches, paw print cupcakes, puppy chow, peanut butter bone cookies, hot dogs, a big bone cookie cake.... see a trend? It was truly a lot of fun and a great party! Luke even had a dog organic cake of his own!! Luke's granparents Bebe, Pop, Gramma, and Papa bought him too many toys; his Aunt Lisa, Jim, cousins Corey, and Olivia got him a SNUGGIE (and had it monogrammed for his mommy!! :) His Great Grandma Lyda Mae made him a collage of puppy pictures and $5 for a bag of food, yummy! The Turley's even came to celebrate with Luke-e! Issac loved the icing so much he ate the top of three cupcakes! Thanks to everyone who came and shared Luke's special day!! Happy First Birthday!
After the party Luke and I CRASHED!! Tyson took this picture after everyone was gone and we had cleaned up a bit. Sweet baby, hard to believe he's ONE!

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Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras was so much fun! Mad Dog is one of Tyson's UA Rugger friends and from Mobile, and he's part of MOT. He invited us down to stay and go to the many parades and big ball. Porter and Tara went down too, so we had a great bunch of friends together for a great weekend!!
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Snow Days

We've seen more snow days this past year than most average years I've lived... It's been a lot of fun and so pretty! Luke was not sure what to think of all the snow. On our way to Mardi Gras we drove in the sleet and snow. We even passed a man with a snowman in the back of his truck Ha Ha :) I love SNOW!
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Tyson's Toe

Well you know men and how they are babies when they are sick or hurt.... Well Tyson's a BIG baby! The nurses and doctors all said so! It was quit humorous as they kidded him and laughed... Tyson held my hand, or squeezed, the whole time. It all sounds and looks worse than it was, he only had an ingrown toe nail, but it looked painful. After the tetnus shot and numbing shots, yes plural shotS, he was good. I bandage and took care of him for many days and he's just fine!
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National Champs

I don't think there is much more to say!!! 13!
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Bowling over Winter Break with School Friends

Well some of my school friends agreed that it had been way too long since we'd been bowling, like not since our 10th Bday parties! We had a good time, Kayton, T. Brooks, Turley, Littlejohn, Scharding all showed up to have some fun! It was a hoot! The kids were a lot of fun to watch and play with throughout the night. Tyson was super serious about the game, me not so much... Something we'll all have to do again soon!
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Christmas Day

Christmas Day! Well we stay busy visiting and traveling and we have a lot of fun! We love seeing Vivi get all those presents from Santa and family! Luke was in his Santa outfit and so excited! He finally wore out half way through the morning (see picture bottom/middle). We spent Christmas Eve at my grandmothers, Christmas morning with Tyson's family, and Christmas night with my fam! Again, I hate I'm just now catching up, but we spent a lot of Christmas traveling and doing and going, and have been going ever since!! :0
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Christmas together

Tyson and I (and Luke now) do Christmas on the 23rd before we begin our travels and family Christamas(es). Tyson got me a steamer, travel pillow, box full of clinique goodies, etc. Tyson got a new belt, wool pea coat, some new books, and an Alabama picture painted by a new friend! Luke got a stocking full of goodies! Santa visited Luke again on Christmas day and he got too many toys! We enjoyed our Christmas Cards from all our family and friends SO MUCH!!
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3 years...

Tyson and I began our second chance December 23, three years ago.... Just a simple dinner and visit with lots of random friends and we've been talking every day since... Three years later married, house, dog, new jobs, and so on...
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Saturday, December 19, 2009


What a great concert!! My girl friend's husband got free tickets to Daughtry and of course me having a thing for bald men, was ECSTATIC to go! We had a lot of fun! There were fireworks, crazy lights, just a great performance and set! He even sat down in the middle of the stage and sang Phil Collins, amazing!! After the show it was SNOWING, in Alabama!! We ran around in downtown like we were 2nd graders :) The pictures aren't' great, I didn't have my camera, just my BB.

It's ok, I'm a teacher

Well my teacher friends make fun of me because I don't generally wear jeans, I don't have very many Christmas shirts and no sweaters! So, I tried really hard this week to rock out the Christmas. Twice this week as I was getting ready Tyson said "Really? You're going to wear that? In pupblic? Really?" YES, really I wore a green turle neck with a red sweater jacket, some great $1 Christmas jewlry... and Friday I decided to really do it up! I wore a shirt I had bought with one of my best teacher friends, she bought the same one (and yes we wore them the same day), candy cane socks, with fur, and ornament earrings! It was funny! It's OK, I'm a teacher!!! I'm allowed! What the excuse for all these other people??

Luke's Christmas Tree

Hobby Lobby had the cutest puppy ornaments and tree trimming items, and 50% OFF so of course Luke had to have his own tree. It's really small and is sitting up on a table since he seems to destroy anything near the floor. It's cute though!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Luke's Trip(s) to See Santa!

Well, we started out to visit Santa at Pet Smart last weekend, VERY EXCITED.... and let's just say Santa sent a helper to do his job and it didn't go so well. BUT I really wanted the picture frames that came with the photo so we got two super cute frames, are -$20, and have 2 really bad photos to show for it all. I was so distraut that my sweet babies first Christmas pictures with Santa were going to be these two glowing devil eyes, we-we showing, bad fake Santa pictures, that I called the REAL Santa (at the Galleria...) They allow puppies and pets to come see Santa on Monday nights and lucky for us it was Sunday.

Welllll, the 2nd trip to Santa was a bit better. We enjoyed visiting with the other puppies and Santa was wonderful! BUT we only got four shots and with so many pets and lights and noises we never really looked at the camera and we definitely didn't cooperate turning our head so you could see my cute sparkly bow, BUT no glowing eyes or fake Santa. All is well and we're fixing wallets to send to friends and family. We're also getting Luke's very nice ornament his Bebe got him to put his picture in for the tree.


We had a rocks and lights filled Thanksgiving week. We visited Rock City with Tyson's family. I had a wonderful time with Vivi, Kepler, and Dax! They are the most wonderful kidos!


Welll, we had trouble figuring out what to be... BUT we had a wonderful time with all our friends and family in Guntersville! Mom and Dad dressed as Ketchup and Mustard. Tyson and I were GI Joe and Cindy Loper (80's).

Thursday, October 29, 2009

LUKE, pre Halloween

Well, Luke's outfit FIT at one time... Dude has grown out of his costume in one month! :0 Oh my... and he ate a protein, omega rich, chocolate bar today at 5pm, and proceeded to vomit for the next 30 mins.... We've had an eventful night. We are headed to Guntersville for the big G'ville vs. A'ville game and Halloween at my parents. My mom ROCKS Halloween! Should have many more post to come!